Week Eleven Weight Watcher’s Results

When I weighed in this week, I was 1/4 of a pound away from my goal of 10% of my starting weight.  So close to a big goal of mine.  Next week’s post will have my official 10% Weight Watcher’s Award because next week I will lose that 1/4 of a pound and then some.

At work, I got compliments on my weight loss from two fellow co-workers.  Also, my amazing hair dresser mentioned how she could see my weight loss in my face.  I love getting these compliments!  Over the weekend, I did a little cleaning and organizing in my closet.  Since some of my clothes grew right along with me as I gained weight, some of my clothes are not true sizes.  I tried on multiple pairs of pants and sorted them into three groups, pants I can wear now, near future, and way in the future.  Now my closet is a bit more organized than before with more work to be done and maybe some items from IKEA to help out!

I enjoyed having a goal for my week 10 post and have decided to have a goal each week.  So, next week when I post about week 12, I will state my goal for week 13.


Week Ten Weight Watcher’s Results

This week’s goal?  To lose the weight that I gained from vacation.  Due to my Wii Fit board needing new batteries, I was not able to weigh in on Monday, so I took Sunday’s weigh in and I am happy to report that I lost the vacation weight!  On Monday, I did not log points for my foods so instead, I made some very smart food choices to show myself that I can.  Tuesday it was really back on.  I was logging my points and back to getting all my servings of water in each day, which I strongly believe is a big key to my weight loss.  Since I weigh myself just about every morning, I can see how I progress from day to day.  There are mornings where I feel that I really did not drink all the water that I should have the previous day and the scale shows it.  My weight is either slightly up or has no change at all.  Thanks to little sugar-free flavor packets, I can get all my servings of water with no problems.  Even at home, sugar-free Kool-Aid is almost always on hand!

Week Nine Weight Watcher’s Results

Week 9 was vacation week and since I was mostly going to be on vacation during this week, I did not log any points for my foods.  I knew that once we got to DC, the luxury of being able to decide where we would like to eat and being able to look up the nutritional information was going to be replaced with the convenience of a tasty restaurant nearby.  I also knew that we would be walking almost every where we went and would work off some of the not so healthy options that we would come across.  With that in mind, the goal was to weight in and be at the same weight.  Well, I am sad to report that I did not meet this goal…I gained weight.  I am happy to report that I still stayed away from ‘real colas’, such as Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etc and stuck with the diet varieties.  I did, however, have a sampling of locally brewed beers, a beer and then a mixed drink during my vacation.  I think the day that really caused the gain was Sunday, the day we headed back home.  After walking at least 6 miles on Saturday, I can say I was way too exhausted to make some really smart decisions and therefore had very unhealthy eating day.  I think the smartest choice was having chicken on my nachos and still drinking only diet beverages.  Besides the bad eating habits, I also had a hard time getting all 8 servings of water in me.  This is hard to do when you are in a city visiting many historic places where they prohibit you having beverages with you.  I can understand their reasoning and would like to see a few more water fountains with in these places.  It was a great trip and I am back on the diet in full force.  Goal for week 10: Lose all the vacation weight that I gained!

Week Eight Weight Watcher’s Results

In my post for week 7’s weight loss, I mentioned that I hit a mini goal of mine that I did not recall why it was a mini goal.  Well, it occurred to me that this mini goal was a weight that I wanted to be at before heading off for vacation.  With a food day at work during week 8, I am happy to report that I still lost weight and have surpassed my goal weight for vacation!

Week Seven Weight Watcher’s Results

Yes, I know, I have been neglecting my blog by not posting about how my weight loss journey is going.  Week 7 reported another week of the scale continuing to go down and I hit one of my mini goals.  Not really sure why getting to this weight is really a mini goal, but it is and I hit it this week!  My next goal is my 10% weight loss goal and I’m getting closer.

Week Six Weight Watcher’s Results

Another week has gone by and the weight is still coming off.  I do not recall what day it was last week, but I had opened one of my desk drawers at work to get something and spotted my low calorie snacks.  My first thought was, ‘Mmmm, a snack sounds great right now.”  Then, I realized that I was not even hungry and felt very victorious.  My boss also had a birthday last week and she requested a few months ago that I make a certain cake for her, so I saved some points in order to have a piece of her birthday cake.  I did not get a picture of the cake last week, so here is a picture from a previous time I made the cake:


Even though I have been on Weight Watcher’s for 6 weeks now, there are still times where I am shocked to find out that something I thought would be a healthy option at a restaurant ends up being a bad option once I look up the nutritional information online.  For instance, a group of us from work went to lunch together last Friday and even though I am not a big salmon fan, I thought it would have been a good option.  Well, the cedar-planked salmon dish that was on the menu was almost 600 calories and 35 grams of fat.  Eating just this one dish would have used up about half of my daily points.  Instead, I chose the grilled shrimp with about half the calories and only 8 grams of fat.  I have learned so much over the past six weeks and look forward to learning even more during my weight loss journey.

Week Five Weight Watcher’s Results

Last week was a crazy week. Typically the husband and I do not do anything exciting during the work week except for the weeks we head down to Fayetteville for our hair appointments. Since Daughtry was going to be in town for a concert, I had to be there. He is, after all, one of the most successful artist that has come from the show American Idol. His first album, Daughtry, has hit quadruple platinum status and he has a new album, Leave This Town, that will be released on July, 14th and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com.  You might be thinking, what does Daughtry have to with my Weight Watcher’s results for last week?  Well, Daughtry was performing at the University of Arkansas and the nice walk we had from the parking garage to the arena was some great exercising thanks to all the hills the campus sits on.  That day, I ended up using some of the points in my weekly bank and guess what…I still lost weight!  Well, that was Wednesday night and early Friday morning, I would be headed back down to the U of A for a meeting and another great workout walking up and down the hills on campus.  So when Monday rolled around, I was looking forward to my weight-in and once again, the scale went down.  My meal planning has started to slide a bit and luckily I am still sticking to healthy options.  I have yet to purchase my first reward for the success that I have had, so once I do, I will post about it here on my blog.  I am still waiting for the day that I hit my first plateau and I hope that does not happen until after I lose the first 10% of my starting weight.